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Gemma Castiglia

Gemma Castiglia

Gemma Castiglia’s life long psycho- spiritual healing journey began from an early age and at 11 on the sudden dramatic passing of her beautiful mother when Gemma’s life was suddenly and traumatically changed. This opened her awareness and inspired Gemma to embark on a lifelong quest to deeply delve to heal herself and others as part of her soul journey to soulful enlightenment via education, knowledge & learning a diverse range of interrelated and integrated esoteric, spiritual healing’s and clinical techniques studies and modalities. Gemma provides effective empowering and accurate guidance, channeled, psychic, medium specialized readings; spiritual healings, mentoring, counseling  and communication, energetic hypnosis, coaching, hypno-coaching and consultations to positively deeply heal inspire empower and powerfully enlighten many clients. Gemma is committed to Holistically healing, clearing, balancing, restoring & re-energizing the physical, mental, emotional and psycho-spiritual body. Her natural gifts, knowledge, experience, and devotion to her mission of healing has earned her a reputation for excellence and dedication in guidance, healing, and wellbeing  among her broad range of clientele both in Australia and Overseas.

Gemma’s authentic and empowering dedicated approach to guidance and healing has helped countless individuals to find an informative, proactive & productive approach in all areas of their life to ultimately bring awareness, self-development, empowerment and enlightenment.


Gemma’s Story

Gemma CollageGemma was born with a unique natural talent  for being strongly intuitive alongside psychic and mediumistic gifts. These gifts were accompanied by a yearning from an early age to help, guide and to heal others, as well as the world around her. Gemma’s spiritual development blossomed at early adolescence with rich and vividly intense dreams along with visions and voices. Gemma kept this to herself due to not yet discovering or understanding the esoteric spiritual magical world. These experiences inspired Gemma to undertake a deep self examination explorative healing journey & during this journey Gemma became aware of her spiritual gifts and talent for healing. Filled with this self awareness, Gemma has committed herself to her life mission to heal and guide others and clear and remove negative energies and entities on them and in their lives. She has devoted herself to helping people to restore the balance in their lives and to re-energize and re-empower themselves and shield their expansive physical, auric and etheric body. Gemma Hypno-Coachingregularly connects with, and channels her mother’s spirit and has realized that although her passing was such a difficult and devastating event, denying Gemma the love and nurturing that only a mother can give, it has provided the humbling spiritual experience of awakening her to her spiritual gifts & passionate life mission. Gemma feels honored by her amazing gifts and her ability to connect with, and to channel the spirit world and her mother and as well as to care for her amazing humble father in such an authentic inspirational spiritually enlightening manner. Gemma’s spiritual journey began actively when as a teenager & young adult, she felt naturally drawn to and often guided to readings. The spiritual connection with her mother connected her to a vast number of readers & healers that provided her with insights that she would bring home to her beautiful, spiritual father to help guide him and reassure him about how her mother was up in the realm of heaven. In her mid 20s, Gemma’s spiritual intuition guided her towards Europe, where she sought out her ancestry in the homeland of her parents, Italy. This trip allowed Gemma to reconnect with her spiritual guides and the spiritual realm, opening her psycho spiritutal gifts more fully and giving her a deeper level of intuition. avalon quoteThis led to Gemma beginning a journey of deep emotional healing and in her late 20s attended Landmark education courses. From this Gemma learnt Reiki healing & attunement, a cathartic process that brought up and healed her deep anguish and gave Gemma the knowledge to deeply heal others. At this time, Gemma’s Reiki Master recognized that she had healing hands and gifts and recommended that she become a massage Therapist. Gemma had wanted to be self employed since she was a teenager, so this was an inspiring moment for her. She had been employed in medical administration since the age of 16, so she took the advice on board and set off to establish her own business. After following the advice of her teacher, Gemma became a massage therapist and in 2004 registered AVALON HOLISTIC HEALING, and began her practice that incorporated massage Therapy, Reiki and spiritual guidance readings and healings. In 2005 Gemma had a strong dream and vision that inspired her to become a spiritual healer and she contacted her Reiki level 2 master. She recommended that Gemma complete an advanced certification in meditation, professional Reiki and spiritual healing. Wanting to even further enhance her knowledge, Gemma commenced & completed her Advanced Certification and Diplomas in Holistic Counseling & Communication, Psycho-Spiritual Healing and Reiki Mastership. At 36 Gemma experienced a deeply repressed and extremely emotional personal situation which led her on a further journey of self healing that opened her third eye, the eye of intuition and of clairvoyance & her spiritual, awareness. During this very difficult time for Gemma, and her father, her gifts fully showed themselves and this has allowed her to continue her journey as a Psycho- Spiritual healer & Therapist. She has continued to develop her talent for spiritual readings and in 2009 continued her further education and training in various modalities, Theta healing, thought process and conditioning and Pranic healing, Psychic Attack and Advanced Pranic psychotherapy, wellness health and healing. In 2012 one of Gemma’s professional healer mentors guided her to study Hypnosis and she has since become a qualified Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, energetic Hypno-Coach, & combines her knowledge and experience of Holistic Counseling and Communication in her multitude of therapies & services. Mid 2014 Gemma completed a Diploma in Neuro Holistic Massage HealingLinguistic Programming (NLP) and Life Coaching as an add on, that focuses on mentoring, coaching and communication, in areas of relationships psychosomatic conditions, anxiety, emotional, mental blockages and in-balances, phobias, personal development, performance enhancement, career, health and wellbeing, weight loss, management & performance enhancement. Through the development of these skills and qualifications Gemma has been able to realise the fulfillment of her deep yearning and passion of her life’s journey to help to heal, guide, and enlighten the soul out of the the depth of anguish & darkness into the light and the path of enlightenment of one’s own life journey & transformation. Gemma has fully realised that her journey of esoteric spiritual holism and her clinical education has been a deep and fundamental help to her in her own life. It has given her the insight to deal with the events in her life from the loss of her mother at a young age and being brought up by and looking after her wonderful father. She has been empowered to heal her own inner pain and suppressed sadness and her self-knowledge has brought her to a happy place of authenticity and positive energy where she has found wisdom, intuition, self-love, strength and courage; empowering her with self confidence, healing her inner child, and understanding and revealing the truth. Gemma sees that she is truly blessed and this is an inspiration for her to use her knowledge and her unique gifts to become a strong energetic healing force & therapist. To do this Gemma is fully determined and focused on her lifelong commitment to guiding  & inspiring others on their own life’s journey. Print